10 Ways an Alpha Woman Stands Out From Everyone Else

There’s nothing as brilliant as a woman with ambition and confidence. She isn’t scared of people, nor is she willing to put up with anyone else’s sh*t. She simply doesn’t have the time nor wants to make time for it.

An Alpha woman is a strong woman who can take care of herself. She is different from other women in many ways which will make you fall for her immediately.

There is something which is striking about the alpha woman. You have to understand that this is someone who has had to reach the point in her life going through struggles that you cannot imagine. Chances are that her path to success has been studded with obstacles that you cannot understand.

She has succeeded in a man’s world and that means that she has been willing to fight in any manner possible, even when her back has been up against the wall. That’s why she’s a very different kind of person than the rest.

Listed below are some qualities of an alpha woman:

1. She has a high Emotional Intelligence Quotient

Apart from IQ psychologists these days also measure the EQ of an individual. It is basically the emotional aptitude of a person. She knows how to read people and sense their feelings and she uses this knowledge fearlessly to get ahead in life.

2. Honesty is the Best Policy

She will be honest and she has the ability to be quite blunt. She will not expend energy in making up some fantasy to preserve your ego. Whatever the case she’ll give you her opinion straight.

3. She is confident

She is sure of herself but she is not over confident. She knows what actions she should take in life. She will make her decisions with boldness and courage.

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4. She knows how to handle herself

No matter the situation you can trust her to have her head about her and be in control of the situation. She will remain calm and not let anything fluster her. That doesn’t mean she’s going to hold back her opinion if someone else drops the ball.

5. She can handle criticism

She is never afraid to hear the truth even if it is about herself. She takes constructive criticism as what it is and reacts positively to it.

6. She feels no need to compete needlessly

She is not an insecure person. She will not let others make her feel miserable about herself. She understands the futility of competing with everyone.

7. She has balance

She understands the balance of being balanced in life. She knows when she has to work hard and she also understands the value of switching off and relaxing.

8. She is always productive

Everything she does is productive. She is a great manager of her time. Her time has value and she knows it. She doesn’t waste her time needlessly.

9. She is focused

If she is not interested in something, then she will say so. She won’t go about pretending that she likes something when she doesn’t. She will spend on things she actually likes doing.

10. She can handle change

She doesn’t get flustered when things around her start to change. She accepts the importance of change in life and welcomes it with open arms.

So, are you an alpha woman or do you know someone who is?

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