What Sin You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

You cannot separate the world into black and white, can you? Nothing is completely pure or evil, all by itself. We are all a by-chance mixture, an amalgamation of all colours. Everybody sins. Just that, some of us admit to it.

It is no secret that our sun signs reveal a huge portion of our personality. All of us have some significant traits from the signs we belong to. Even sins can be categorized accordingly.

Here are what the signs are famous of sinning by:

Aries. Homicide. That escalated fast, eh? Your actions can hardly ever be predicted correctly. So, what we’re saying is: You will not be suspected. You are full of passion, and quick to act. You do not let things slip by too easily. Your ever-fiery head will one day land you amidst a crime scene. So beware of that temper, and keep in within bounds. Unless you like jail. Then reign free.

Pisces. Lazy. Your head in perpetually in the clouds. While the world is running helter-sketler, you take your own sweet time to get things done. You love sleeping, and simply being a sack of potatoes. It takes you a long time to get any sort of work done, and deadlines are your biggest enemy.

Aquarius. You are a wanna-be psychic. You think you’re God’s offspring himself. No matter what the situation may be, you’re always ready with your two-pence advice. Your knowledge of conventional things makes people look up to you. You have quite a bit of fan-following.

Capricorn. Greedy. You will step on all others to rise to the top. Even if there are a thousand pieces of cake, you will always aspire for the best one. You chase wealth like it is what you were born to do. Mostly, you over-work yourself to fainting.

Taurus. Glutton. You and food are like Romeo and Juliet. In the end, you both die because of each other. You are too fancy in your choices and want everything at once. On an ideal platter you would have clothes, food, $ex, and all other expensive things lined side by side.

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Sagittarius. Adultery. You cannot commit, at all. You find it terribly difficult to keep promises. Sticking to a single partner all your life seems like a nightmare, and you love exploring. Your heart is always wandering, trying to fixate on the next best thing.

Scorpio. Lust. You’re what they warned their children about. Love isn’t exactly your A-game, but passion comes easy to you. You draw everybody to you with your magnetic charm.

Libra. Vanity. Between Narcissus and you, you’d be the first to drown. There isn’t a single mirror in your house that feels neglected. You think you’re all the sunshine this world will ever need. You invest immense time, energy, and money perfecting your looks.

Leo. Pride. You want to be the best, and worship yourself more than anyone else. Being good at things comes easy to you and you know it, and think about it way too much. You are arrogant and totally into yourself. Pride isn’t just the name of your crew of other lions, it’s the sin you live every day.

Virgo. Envy. You’re extremely jealous of anything another person possesses, which you don’t have. It may literally be a broken lamp shade that you wouldn’t even use. But if others are praising it, you want to be at the center of that attention. It wrecks your mind, and drives you crazy that somebody can have better provisions than you.

Cancer. Worship of fake idols. You are a horrible judge of character. You are so blinded by emotions and attachment, that you fail to see people for what they are. You are quick to see the nice in human beings and place them right beside God. 10 out of 10 times, they will fall flat from that height, killing you in the process.

Gemini. Dishonesty. You’re probably a pathological liar. You are often hypocritical and comfortable with it. Honesty does not come to you at all. Even when there is no need of it, you find yourself lying on impulse.

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